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Custom made design for Retailers

Blockout Roller Shutters will custom make your roller shutters to suit the design specifications of your retail space or storage unit, while providing you with the best product on the market to meet your general requirements.

Custom made design specifications can include:

  • Integrating the roller shutters into the building structure of your new retail space to minimise the impact on your building’s façade.
  • Colour matching the roller shutters to harmonise with your existing colour scheme and branding.
  • Building roller shutters to fit any unusual window shapes, glass roofs or doorways.
  • Incorporating electronic control for streamlined and easy operation.

The requirements for a Blockout Roller Shutter vary depending upon your location and your needs. Some of these requirements could include

  • Providing your retail space with maximum protection and security.
  • Insulating your storage space from summer heat or winter cold.
  • Controlling sunlight or glare entering your retail space.
  • Maintaining product visibility while still having security protection.
  • Protecting your property from bushfires.
  • Protecting your property from storms.
  • Protecting your property’s glass roofs from falling debris and hailstones.

There are always particular features and situations that need to be considered before deciding on a roller shutter design for your retail space, including:

  • Have you requested the correct roller shutter option to satisfy your requirements or could Blockout provide you with a more suitable product
  • What roller shutter components will best work in your installation?
  • How will the shutter work with the design elements of the product display unit?
  • What colour will best suit the shop/display unit’s overall design?
  • How best to install the shutters to enhance the overall look of your retail space?

To arrange for one of Blockout’s expert consultants to review and quote on your roller shutter requirements, please Contact us.


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