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Blockout Roller Shutters' compliance with
the Building Code of Australia (BCA)

What is the BCA?

The BCA is a uniform set of technical provisions for the design and construction of buildings and other structures throughout Australia. It sets minimum standards for regulatory purposes for buildings in terms of health, safety and amenities.

How does the code affect your energy usage?

The aim of the code is to improve energy efficiency in building design to maximise the thermal comfort of occupants whilst minimising the building’s energy consumption and running costs. It ensures every new home or building complies with regulations regarding energy efficiency and consumption.

What are the benefits of this code?

By installing products such as Blockout Roller Shutters on your building, not only will you save money long term from lower energy consumption, you will help save our environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

How does a Blockout Roller Shutter save you money?

As an externally fitted shutter, Blockout Roller Shutters act as a barrier against the elements. The shutter’s thermal characteristics are achieved by forming an air pocket between the shutter and the glass. This reduces heat intake in your home by up to 90% in summer and reduces heat loss by 70% in winter. As a consequence, appliances such as air conditioning will operate more efficiently and consume less energy. This can lead to a saving of up 30% in your electricity bills.

Do Blockout Roller Shutters comply with the BCA?

Yes. All our products were submitted for assessment and issued with a CSIRO Appraisals Technical Assessment 324. Under this Appraisal, Blockout Roller Shutters are deemed suitable for the protection of windows from radiant heat such as bushfires, plus they provide thermal and sound insulation.

Section J2.5 (b) states a shading device must be capable of restricting at least 80% of the summer solar radiation and be capable of having ‘readily’ operation by the occupants. Blockout Roller Shutters exceeds this minium solar radiation requirement by an extra 25% and are easily and conveniently controlled from inside a building by either electronic or manual control.

The code also states that Blockout approved installers must fit the shutters in accordance with Blockout’s installation instructions. These instructions include shutters covering windows and doorframes as well as the glazed areas of windows and doors.

Do I need to do anything?

No. Blockout Roller Shutters continue to renew their CSIRO Appraisal each year, ensuring your new roller shutters meet with all regulation requirements.

To download a copy of Blockout Shutters' current CSIRO Appraisal document, please click here.

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