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Bushfire risk inspired design / Award Winning Home, Ultimate Bushfire Protection

BLOCKOUT® Roller shutters fitted to this award winning home, used to protect the property due its location in an extreme high bushfire risk area. The BLOCKOUT® shutters are fitted and designed as a part of the design, matching in with the concrete, copper and steel aesthetic, meeting the highest level of bushfire safety

When fully retracted the roller shutters disappear

Not wanting to loose any of the amazing clifftop views over Guerilla Bay. The roller shutters roll up, out of the way into a hidden pelmet.

Ember Attacks

When the home is completely closed up there is no gap greater than 2mm, to protect it from ember attacks.

Added Benefits

As the BLOCKOUT® Maxiblock® window roller shutters are fitted externally, they act as a barrier against the heat, creating an insulating air pocket between the shutter and the window. They can cut direct sunlight by 81%, reduce heat gain by up to 70% in summer and reduce heat loss by up to 70% in winter.

Ultimate window covering

8 Benefits Of Window Roller Shutters


Sun / Weather Protection

Energy Saving

Noise Reduction

Privacy & Natural

Bushfire Protection

Climate Control

Home Value.

Photo’s by Rodrigo Vargas

Steve Andrea Architecture

The Canberra Times


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