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Motorisation experts since 1989



Motorisation using a European designed tubular motor allows effortless operation of the Blockout shutter. Operation in its basic form is controlled by a three way switch mounted near or on a light switch plate near the Blockout shutter. Motorisation removes the need to physically pull or wind a manual control. Motorisation is maintenance free, unlike manual controls that may need tapes or gearboxes replaced over time due to wear and tear or misuse. 


Remote Control

Motorisation with a remote control, takes it one step further. Available in multiple channels allowing individual and group control of every shutter in the room or the whole house. Motorisation with remote control allows those with disabilities and older adults with restricted mobility to operate their shutters without moving from their favourite chair. ​Remote timers, sun sensors are also available which can automatically close the shutters on the western facing side of your house blocking out the evening sun, saving you energy in cooling cost even when you are not  home.

Blockout Automation Setup

Home Automation / Smart Homes

The Smart Home / Home Automation is all a buzz at the moment as our lives become even more connected to the devices we use everyday. Blockout shutters motorised with remote controlled and connected motors allow all the benefits of the home of the future. Using the Smart Home Secure Hub, your Blockout shutters can be operated from anywhere, via your smartphone, tablet or computer. Your Blockout shutters can easily be operated via voice with Amazon Alexa®, Google Home® integration. Once set up with Amazon Alexa®, Google Home® your Blockout shutters can work together with all the other automated products in your house, e.g. one simple voice command "Movie Time" will close the shutters in your media room, dim the lights and start your av projector all automagically.

Building Management Integration

Blockout shutters have worked with builders, architects and system integrators on many projects from individual homes to large commercial and office buildings. Our dedicated technical team can provide custom diagrams and technical advice on the best way to take advantage of the energy saving features of the motorised Blockout shutter. Working to achieve energy efficient and ECO homes.​

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