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More strength and insulation than a standard shutter

Roll Formed MAXIBLOCK® Roller Shutters are a stronger version of the Original Blockout Roller Shutter and is our most popular shutter. It is manufactured from roll formed aluminium with a polyurethane foam core and a 70 mm MAXIBLOCK® tracks. 

As an externally fitted roller shutter, it has been designed with high-level insulation properties, making it ideal for:

  • Reducing heat gain in summer 

  • Preventing heat loss in winter 

  • Minimising noise 

  • Reducing light and glare.


Security features

Roll Formed Maxiblock Roller Shutters have been enhanced with Blockout’s exclusive heavy-duty track, locked in profile and bottom bar security system. These features provide increased protection from:

  • Intruders 

  • Storms 

  • Hail  

  • Strong winds.


Roll Formed Blockout Roller Shutters are available in variety of colours.

Please see below for more information.


Standard Colours Box Track Profile


Optional Colours Profile Only

Technical Information 


Manufactured from roll formed aluminium with a polyurethane foam core and a heavy duty MAXIBLOCK® 70mm track with built-in internal locking chamber. 


Maximum width - 3.5 metres 

Track sizes - 70mm 

Colour range - 13 standard colours*


Profile - Perforated and non-perforated. 

Blockout window roller shutter cutaway maxiblock track
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