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Maintain your views

Manufactured from a single walled extruded aluminium interlocking profile, the 45mm Blockout Standard Maxiview Roller Shutter achieves uninterrupted views through a large number of small perforations in the shutter profile (over 54,000 perforations per square metre). Blockout’s Standard Maxiview Roller Shutter is uniquely designed to: 

  • Maintain natural light and views

  • Protect windows from glare

  • Reduce heat gain in summer

  • Prevent heat loss in winter

  • Provide greater security.


Insulation benefits

As Blockout Standard Maxiview Roller Shutters are fitted externally, they act as a barrier against the heat, creating an insulating air pocket between the shutter and the window. They can cut direct sunlight by 81%, reduce heat gain by up to 70% in summer and reduce heat loss by up to 70% in winter. 

Operational features

Blockout Standard Maxiview Roller Shutters have a tighter rolling action than conventional shutters, therefore retracting into a smaller pelmet (or headbox). They are easy to operate by either internal manual control or more commonly by an automatic electronic motor. Either option ensures simple operation in any building, regardless of the level.

Standard Colours

Standard MAXIVIEW® Blockout Shutters are available in variety of colours.

Please see below for more information.

Maxiview window roller shutter standard colours

Custom Colours

Original Blockout Roller Shutters are also available in a wide range of custom colours. 

Please see below for more information.

Technical Information 

MAXIVIEW® Standard Shutter is manufactured with a 45mm single walled extruded aluminium interlocking profile. 


Maximum width - 5 metres 


Track sizes - 63mm 


Colour range - Standard and customised colours available 


Profile - Perforated and non-perforated.

blockout roller shutters maxiview slat cutaway
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