8 Benefits Of Window Roller Shutters

The BLOCKOUT® 8 in 1 Multipurpose Window Covering

Fitted to the outside of your home but controlled from indoors. Window roller shutters have some great advantages over traditional window coverings.

1 Security: Visual deterrent.Physical barrier to the entry into your home.

2 Sun & Weather Protection: Hot summer sun. Rain, hail and wind from storms.

3 Energy saving: All year round saving on heating and cooling costs. The insulating properties of the window roller shutters reduce the need for power hungry heating and cooling devices.

4 Noise Reduction: Reduce noise by up to half, compared to a standard glazed window. The metal slat with foam insert absorbs sound and blocks general outside noise.

5 Privacy & Natural Light Control: Visual barrier for street facing rooms. Creating a calm and relaxed room.

6 Bushfire Protection: The window roller shutters shields the intense heat from windows, stopping them from shattering from flyng debris and preventing flying embers from entering your home.

7 Climate Control: Creating an air pocket in front of the window with a window roller shutters helps reduce heat or cold entering / leaving the room. All year round insulation helps regulate indoor temperatures.

8 Home Value: For all the reasons above a well fitted and good looking window roller shutter adds value to your property, creating a home that is safe, secure and energy efficient.

Examples of other window coverings:

  • Internally fitted blinds: Privacy and light control.

  • Folding Arm Awnings: Great for providing shade, but easily damaged in winds.

  • Internally fitted Plantation Shutters: A great classic look that provide privacy and light control with some noise reduction.

  • External Zip Screens or Blinds: Privacy and light control with moderate wind & rain protections.

Other window coverings provide some good features but they cannot match the all 8 of the benefits of an externally fitted window roller shutter.

Simply put the BLOCKOUT® Window Roller Shutter is the Swiss Army Knife of window coverings. Providing the right protection when needed all year round.