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This remote off grid home in the Blue Mountains designed by Anderson Architecture, uses BLOCKOUT window roller shutters for bushfire protection. The multipurpose BLOCKOUT window roller shutters provide many beneifits to this sustainable home.

Energy saving: The insulating properties of the window roller shutters reduce the need for the use of heating and cooling devices. Reducing power draw on solar / battery system.

Storm Protection: Rain, hail and wind from storms.

Bushfire Protection: The window roller shutters shields the intense heat from windows, stopping them from shattering from flyng debris and preventing flying embers from entering your home.

Climate Control: Creating an air pocket in front of the window with a window roller shutters helps reduce heat or cold entering / leaving the room. All year round insulation helps regulate indoor temperatures.

Located in a remote part of the Blue Mountains this Off Grid House sets a standard for sustainable living under extreme conditions. The modest, highly resilient home is BAL-FZ rated, self-sufficient in power, water and sewage. A truely innovative & sustainable design.

Watch our BLOCKOUT window shutters in motion @ 02:20 minutes into the video.

Read more about the Off Grid House by Anderson Architecture:


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