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FIREBLOCK BAL-FZ Bushfire Window Roller Shutter

Guide to bushfire window roller shutters

Bushfire Wind Roller Shutters BAL-FZ

Who needs bushfire window roller shutters?

If you’re thinking of extending an existing home or building a new home, one of the many things you will need to check is whether the land is in a bushfire prone area.

Bushfire Prone Area is land with the presence of bushfire-prone vegetation. NSW RFS offers a free online bush fire prone land mapping tool:

The three main areas of concern for homes in a bushfire prone area:

  1. Ember Attack: Burning or smouldering leaves,twigs and debris landing near or on your home blown by winds.

  2. Radiant Heat: Ignition of surfaces on your home, via radiant heat without flame contact.

  3. Flame Contact: Direct contact with bushfire flames. This area has highest BAL ratings BAL-40 or BAL-FZ

If your property does fall into a bushfire prone area, we can help with our BAL-FZ or BAL-40 bushfire window roller shutter. (BAL is short for Bushfire Attack Level)

How do bushfire window roller shutters work?

Windows are one of the weakest points for entry during a bushfire. Unprotected windows can crack and explode from the radiant heat. Window curtains and blinds inside the room could ignite and burst into flames. Strong winds could pick up debris and smash the window glass and embers may enter the room.

The FIREBLOCK bushfire window roller shutter has been tested to BAL-FZ FLAME ZONE. Our FIREBLOCK shutter is made of a double walled steel shutter curtain which helps protect the window and glass from radiant heat and flying debris and embers, preventing the fire from penetrating the room.

How do I operate the bushfire window roller shutters?

The bushfire shutters are operated from inside the room, either via manual or electric control. Motorised electric bushfire shutters come with a fail-safe manual override function in case of power loss. Electric shutters can be remote operated individually or as a group via wireless remote, even automatically via internal smoke sensor.

What other benefits does the FIREBLOCK bushfire window roller shutter provide?

Just like all of our window roller shutters the bushfire shutter can be used everyday providing the following benefits.

  1. Security

  2. Sun / Weather Protection

  3. Energy Saving

  4. Noise Reduction

  5. Privacy & Natural Light Control

  6. Bushfire Protection

  7. Climate Control

  8. Home Value.

bushfire window roller shutters house saved

This property was saved by brave RFS volunteers with a little help from BLOCKOUT BAL-40 bushfire window roller shutters.


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