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How to clean and maintain window roller shutters

Just like any exterior parts of your home, window roller shutters are exposed to all the elements. Keeping the window roller shutter clean from dust and the build-up of dirt will ensure smooth operation for many years to come. At BLOCKOUT we have over 30 years experience manufacturing and installing quality window roller shutters in all kinds of environments, here in Australia and overseas. Luckily cleaning your window roller shutters is quick and easy and will take no time at all.

Why you should clean your window roller shutters.

Having a simple regular cleaning routine will prevent your window roller shutters from ageing prematurely. Allowing excessive dirt and dust to accumulate on the shutter could cause scratches on the window shutter surface.

What tools do I need to clean a window roller shutter?

Not much is needed to give the window roller shutters a proper clean. A soft cloth / sponge , a soft bristled brush, mild detergent such as eco-frendly dishwashing liquid and warm water. Do not use, high pressure sprays or corrosive chemicals.

How to clean the roller shutter.

Close the internal windows behind the window roller shutter. Follow the steps below taking care, just like you would washing a new car.

  • Lower the window roller shutter so it is closed but ventilation holes are still open. Bush away any caked on dirt or insect nests.

  • Hose down the roller shutter with a hose with low pressure. Do not use high pressure cleaners.

  • Sponge down all surfaces with warm water and mild detergent. Taking care to sponge the perforations and ventilation holes.

  • Lower the window shutter completely closed, with a soft bristle brush and warm soapy water gently brush in a up and down motion. Do not brush side to side, as this could cause the roller shutters slats to become misaligned.

  • Hose down again and rinse off any dirty soapy water.

  • Air dry or use a soft cloth. Again use an up and down motion ensuring not to misalign any slats.

Final steps.

  • Raise the window roller shutter completely open. Clean inside the track guides with the a soft bristled brush, use a low pressure hose to rinse out any leaves or cobwebs.

  • Let the track guides air dry before lowering the window roller shutter.

  • Do not spray water directly into the pelmet our head box, especially if the window roller shutters is electric / motorised.

How do I clean the inside of a window roller shutter?

Cleaning the inside of a window roller shutters is a little more difficult. The inside of the window shutter is the side that you see, from inside your room. Some tools online claim to make it easier to clean the inside with a special magnetic tool. Blockout Shutters suggest you give us a call and we can quote you on cleaning the shutters for you and provide a fee maintance inspection at the same time.


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