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Minimalism And Sustainable. Moonview Eco Cottage.

John Pearman, a retired environmental science lecturer at the University of Sydney built his home as an environmental teaching house back in 2007. The Moonview Eco Cottage was opened up every year for visitors, as a living classroom for people to see sustainability in action.

The BLOCKOUT window roller shutters installed at the time of construction play a great part in keeping this home's ambient temperature of around 20 degrees for most of the year. The multipurpose BLOCKOUT window roller shutters provide many benefits to this sustainable home.

The BLOCKOUT window roller shutters create a safe cosy feeling inside. Partially closing the shutters can block out the sun and glare but still allows you to feel connected to nature just outside your window.

The BLOCKOUT window shutters have been installed for over 10 years now, looking just as good as the day installed. The initial investment cost is long forgotten but the energy saving and sustainable features still prevail.

"Plants are the most important organisms on the planet," Pearman says. "Take them away and humans wouldn't last five minutes, despite our big egos."

Read more about John Pearman and the recently sold, Moonview Eco Cottage.


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